A life time opportunity for the community to lay the foundation of Lord Shiva

Pooja in Mandir

Monday : 10AM – 9PM
Tuesday : 5PM – 9PM
Friday : 6PM – 9PM
Sunday : 10AM – 12 Noon

Maha Shivratri

February 9th to February 13th 2017

Dinner provided by donors every night

Ram Navami

March 17th to March 25th 2017


March 3rd 2017


Coming Soon….
Please check if your membership is renewed.


Gayatri Mantra with English Translation

 Om, Bhur, Bhuvah, Svah

Om: The sacred word, word of creation, first word, word of god; (Equivalent of Holy Ghost in trinity) usually used at the beginning of a hymn; Bhur: The physical plane of existence (which is of the nature of 5 elements) Bhuvah: The astral plane of existence (which is of the nature of subtle elements) Svah: The causal plane or celestial plane (plane where the existence is as subtle as ideas or notions, from which creation happens).

Tát savitúr váreṇyaṃ

Tat: That, God, (Equivalent of son, in the Christian Trinity of Father, Son and Holy Ghost) Savitúr : Source of all, creation, supreme reality, Divine illumination (of goddess Savitri or Shakti) Váreṇyaṃ: the foremost, fit to be worshiped, deserving oblations

Bhárgo devásya dhīmahi

Bhárgo: Great spiritual effulgence, Radiant one, one who illumines all Devásya: Godly, divine reality, of divinity, Virtuous and joyous Dhīmahi: We meditate on you; Dhee=intellect; Thus Dhimahi means we focus our intellect on you

Dhíyo yó naḥ pracodáyāt

Dhíyo: Intellect, intelligence, reasoning and discriminating faculty which is a tool for attaining higher wisdom Yo: Who, One is who being prayed, You (supreme one) Nah: Our (intellect) pracodáyāt: Stimulate, Propel towards the higher reality

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