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Shri Lakshmi Chalisa with English Translation


Maatu Lakshmi Kari Kripaa, Karahu Hriday Mein Vaas
Mano kaamanaa Siddh Kari, Puravahu Jan kii Aas
Oh Divine Mother Lakshmi bestow your grace upon me. Reside in my heart and pacify the many urges and desires that are in my mind. This is my humble prayer.
Sindhu sutaa Main Sumiron Tohin, Gyaan Buddhi Vidyaa Do Mohin
Tum Samaan Nahiin Kou Upakaarii, Sab Vidhi Prabhu Aas Hamaarii
Oh Eternal being of all existence, born from the ocean of your thought, I beseech you. Fill me with the grandeur of intelligence, knowledge and wisdom that is you. Anointing us with your divine shakti (energy), you grant us many gifts. Within the three worlds there is none as charitable as you, It is only you Devi that can fulfill all desires.


Jai Jai Jagat Janani Jagadambaa, Sab Kii Tumhii Hau Avalambaa
Tumah Ho Sab Ghat Ghat Kii Vaasii, Bintii Yahii Hamarii Khaasii
Victory, Victory to you, the Supreme Self, for you are above all material cause. Mere words cannot fully describe the depth of your infinite love for your creation. Oh Eternal Energy you reside in the many expressions of your devotees, this is our humble prayer.
Jagajananii Jay Sindhu Kumaarii, Diinan Kii Tum Ho Hitakaarii
Binavon Nitya Tumhe Mahaaraanii, Krapa Karo Jag Janani Bhavaanii
Oh all pervading truth, you have taken form out the ocean at your will. Bestowing gifts to the mankind that are deserving. It is you who sanctify and deliver the poor. Oh Self Sustaining reality, protect us within the portals of your grace. This is our humble prayer to you in utmost supplication, Oh Devi.
Kehi Vidhi Stuti Karon Tihaarii, Sudhi Lijain Aparaadh Bisaarin
Krapaa drasti Chitabahu Mam Orii, Jagat Janani Binatii Sunu Morii
In what way can I extol Thee glory? With a repentant heart I confess that I know not of how to sing your praises. Though I sing of your prayers, my human nature remains. Forgive me of my faults, through your compassionate eyes nurture our existence. Devi take us into your protective care and heed our cries, you are the source of our salvation.
Gyan Buddhi Jay Sukh Kii Daataa, Sankat Harahu Hamaare Maataa
Kshiir Sindhu Jab Vishnu mathaayo, Chaudah Ratan Sindhu Men Payo
The virtues of knowledge, wisdom, victory and happiness are bestowed upon those of steadfast faith and devotion and to whom surrender totally to you. Please remove the many faults that plague us. You were revealed as the self, when Shree Vishnu ordered the churning of the milky ocean amongst fourteen jewels.
Chaudah Ratan Man Tum Sukh raasii, Sevaa Kiinh Banin Prabhudasi
Jo Jo Janam Jahaan Prabhu Liinhaa, Ruup Badal Tahan Sevaa Kiinhaa
Of those fourteen jewels you are the prized gem of them all. Revealing in the oneness of existence, you joyously became a servant of God. From time to time you take birth as the Lord, you also embody your self in human form as his eternal companion and selflessly serves him.
Svayam Vishnu Jab Nar Tanu Dhaaraa, Liinheu Avadha purii Avataaraa
Tab Tum Prakati Janakapur Manhin, Sevaa Kiinh Hriday Pulakaahii
Shree Vishnu took the form of a man and he appeared as the Avatar of Shree Rama in Ayodhya. It is at that very moment you manifested yourself in Janakpur to serve him and fill the hearts of your devotees with immense joy as they rejoiced in the play of consciousness.
Apanaavaa Tohi Antarayaamii, Vishva Vidit Tribhuvan Ke Svaamii
Tum Sama Prabal Shakti Nahi Aanii, Kahan Tak Mahimaa Kahaun Bakhaanii
For he is the lord of the three worlds and is the knower of the hearts of all, he joyously embraced you knowing you to be no different to him. Your divine power cannot be estimated by any nor can your grace be described in its grandeur.
Man Kram Bachan Karai Sevakaaii, Manuvaanchhint Phal Paaii
Taji Chhal Kapat Aur Chaturaai, Puujahi Vividh Bhaanti Man Lai
Through thought, word and deed I worship you in total surrender that may the fruit of my surrender be fulfilled. To be absorbed in your grace I must cast aside guile, deceit ad dishonesty, constantly worshipping you with utmost devotion.
Aur Haal Main Kahahun Bujhaaii, Jo Yah Paath Karai Man Laaii
Taakahan Kouu Kast Na Hoii, Manavaanchhit Phal Paavay Soii
How can one glorify you ? Through steadfast surrender is the only way I will truly understand of your grace. It is only then there will be no difficulty and the fruits of our surrender will be fulfilled.
Traahimahi Jay Duhkh Nivaarini, Vividh Tap Bhav Bandhan Haarini
Jo Yah Parhen Aur Parhaavay, Dhyan Lagavay Sunay Sunavay
Save me! Save me! For you are the remover of all pains and the destroyer of all fears and three kinds of difficulties. Those who read and listen of your praises and encourage others to rejoice in your praise suffer no difficulties.
Taako Kou Na Rog Sataavay, Putr Aadi Dhan Sampati Paavay
Putrahiin Dhan Sampati Hiinaa, Andh Vadhir Korhii Ati Diinaa
Through steadfast devotion they will be blessed with children, wealth and happiness amongst all. Those who bear no children, who are sad, the blind, the deaf, the poor and low caste
Vipra Bulaaii Ken Paath Karaavay, Shaankaa Man Mahan Tanik Na Laavay
Path Karaavay Din Chalisa, Taapar Krapaa Karahin Jagadiishaa
They shall engage with the learnt and in the full richness of devotion with all doubts casted away from their hearts shall worship you. Praises of you should be read and gloried with reverence and total surrender. Through the anointing of your shakti all will be blessed with your grace.
Sukh Sampatti Bahut Sii Paavay, Kamii Nanhin Kaahuu Kii Aavay
Baarah Maash Karen Jo Puujaa, Ta Sam Dhani Aur Nahin Duujaa
Resplendent health and immense happiness will flourish in abundance. None will suffer of any kind of unhappiness or sorrow. Wealth both spiritually and materially of those unwavering in their devotion and surrender to you will be multiplied unfold.
Prati Din Paath Karehi Man Manhii, Taasam Jagat Katahun Kou Naahiin
Bahuvidhi Kaa Men Karahun Baraaii, Lehu Pariikshaa Dhyaan Lagaaii
Those who sing and glorify you each day will be of unparallel glory and will enjoy of your incomparable grace. I surrender to you and meditate upon your divine presence in all that I embark on, in diverse ways each day.
Kari Vishvaas Karay Brat Nemaa, Hoi Siddh Upajay Ati Prema
Jai Jai Jai Lakshmi Bhavani, Sab Mahan Vyaapak Tum Gunkhaanii
Those who worship you in thought, word and deed receive many gifts from you and experience tremendous love through your grace. Your love fill all of creation. Glory, glory, glory be unto you resplendent Lakshmi Devi, for you are the storehouse of knowledge. May your anointing grace manifest within your devotees.
Tumhro Tej Praval Jag Maannhin, Tum Sam Kou Dayaalu Kahun Naahiin
Mo Anaath Kii Sudhi Ab Lijay, Sannkat Kaati Bhakti Bar Dijay
Your glory is indescribable in this world. There is none that is so kind and merciful to sinners as you Devi. In your protective care take this orphan who needs a mother. Remove all of our difficulties and grant us constant devotion to you.
Bhuulchuuk Karu Chhimaa Hamaarii, Darasan Dijay Dasaa Nihaarii
Binu Darasan Byaakul Ati Bhaarii, Tumhinn Akshat Paavat Dukh Bhaarii
Forgive us of our mistakes, deliver us from the ocean of suffering which binds us. May your divine grace be showered upon us. I beg to dwell in your grace for eternity. Only through your divine blessing will all our difficulties vanish.
Nahinn Mohi Jnaan Buddhi Hai Tan Mann, Sab Jaanat Tum Apane Man Men
Roop Chaturbhuj Kari Nij Dhaaran, Kasht Mor Ab Karahu Nivaaran
Devi you know how ignorant I am in the mind, bless my eyes with your divine form. Destory all my pains and suffering
Kehi Prakaar Mein Karahun Baraaii,
Jnaan Buddhi Mohin Nahin Adhikaai
Lacking in knowledge and intelligence of worshiping thee,
I am ignorant to understanding your true greatness


Traahi Traahi Dukh Haarini, Harahu Begi Sab Traas
Jayati Jayati Jai Lakshmi, Karahu Shatru Ko Naas
Deliver me, Deliver me, Oh remover of all difficulties. Destroy all the evils that torment me. Glory Glory to you Ma Lakshmi, Destroy the multitudes of enemies that plague me in evil thoughts that beseech my mind.
Raamadaas Dhari Dhyaan Nit, Vinay Karat Kar Jor
Maatu Lakshmiidas Pay, Karahu Krapaa Kii Kor
Daily through my unwavering heart filled of faith and love I surrender and meditate upon you. Oh Lakshmi, the eternal self of all existence, bestow your grace on your devotee.

Hari Om Tat Sat


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